Do Less To Sell More Challenge

5 days to prioritize what matters, earn more money, and still have time to chill.

Live Free Training, September 13th - 17th

Do you find yourself working all the time...

..yet you still don't earn enough $$$ to feel secure, can't take guilt-free holidays, and feel like you're not making enough of an impact in the world?

I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to simplify their business and attract clients who are a perfect fit, without working 8-12 hours a day.

That’s why I’m hosting a 5-day challenge specifically for conscious entrepreneurs who wish to go from 2-5K months to consistent 10K/month.

It’s designed to help you step fully into who you are, align your offers with your strengths, and win over those “meant-to-be” clients who truly appreciate you.

I'm in!

Over the course of 5 days you'll discover how to:

  • Grow your audience, team, and business by breaking through your limiting beliefs and thinking big
  • Hear “Let’s do this” at the end of more sales calls by positioning yourself as the go-to expert in your industry
  • Attract higher-level clients and actually hit the revenue goals you set for yourself at the beginning month (and have more free time!)

Imagine having results like...

I'm attracting dream students from all over the world!

“I’ve finally created a brand new offer I love! I’m more confident and more ME in my business. I allow myself to be powerful and have an impact — and it’s helping me attract students from all over the world!”

Ramona Schmidt, Founder of Let's Play Ballet

I've found my voice and am expressing myself more authentically in my business

“I was unsure how to scale my ideas. I also had a lot of fears and limiting beliefs about running an online business. Now I know how to price my work. My confidence has skyrocketed. I’ve learned to create identify and connect with my ideal clients. I find it easier to create deeper relationships with them. Most importantly, I’ve found my voice and am expressing myself more authentically in my business.”

Thais Magalhães, Strategy and Organisational Development Consultant

My entire life has been simplified.

I've been launching for 9 years, but this was my best launch ever at $99k with a list of 93 people. I doubled my revenue and created the signature program I've been dying to make for years. I'm doing the work I was literally born to do. My entire life has been simplified. I am no longer hustling at a gazillion things. So grateful for Relinde"

Stephanie Carlin - Founder of Truth School

Say Yes To The 'Do Less To Sell More' Challenge Today

About Relinde

Relinde Moors is an Integrative Business Strategist for multi-passionate entrepreneurs and creator of the Aligned Business Method.

She helps her highly creative clients pull their seemingly unrelated interests, talents, and skills into one cohesive, high-impact offer so they can easefully grow and scale a business they love.

As the former head of a multi-6 figure dance company, teacher of theatre, dance, yoga, and qigong, plus choreographer and energy healer, Relinde deeply understands the importance of integrating your gifts to make the highest impact on your clients.

She believes that all parts of you have a critical place in the big "dance" of your business. Her approach prioritizes bringing all of yourself to your work so you can make the largest impact… and the most profit.

Say Yes To The 'Do Less To Sell More' Challenge Today